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  • FINTECH INVESTMENT GROUP is a is fully licensed and regulated U.S. based Commodities Advisory Firm.


    Gain our advice and expertise with powerful investment technology in your private investment account.


Advice and trading technology designed to seek out sized returns.


  • Unlike Traditional Fund Investing. We connect to our clients with fintech so they are always able to immediately withdraw funds and returns.There is no holding period. Investor’s funds are not pooled together. You keep your money in your own account.

Our firms technology is designed to solve the biggest financial challenge that we face, with new financial technology.  Financial instruments, tools and resources that can produce out-sized returns that were once the sole advantage of the uber rich,

are now delivered to your account with a firm of your choice.   We have something you’re going to love, an App that uses a block-chain to share trading technology among investors. Now Investors can share in the risk and rewards together, rather than trading against each other.




About Fintech

Fintech Investment Group is a newly registered Commodities Trading Advisory Firm. We are leveraging over 6 years of financial technology development into a first of its kind trading advisory firm. Our firm allows clients to hold their account with any Forex broker.


Blockchain technology allows investors of all sizes to enjoy the power of top trading technology with professional investment management through a licensed Commodities Trading Advisor (CTA).


Fintech Investment Group aims to assist clients who are seeking higher returns using financial technology “Fintech”. Our Firm charges 20% of your profits and 2% of your assets in the trading program.

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